Prior Authorization

Delegate authorization work to our team of specialists.

95%+ of authorizations delivered

Securing prior authorizations, coding claims, and pursuing denials consume precious time. With ClinicMinds’s revenue cycle management services, we shoulder these tasks, allowing your team to dedicate their energy to patient care and expanding your business. By leveraging our authorization management, medical coding, and claims resolution services in unison, you can enhance your operational efficiency.

Save Time​

Ease the burden on your staff by handing tasks such as researching requirements, monitoring updates, contacting payers for authorizations, and managing various administrative billing responsibilities.

Get Paid Correctly

Our highly skilled coders and billers proactively tackle billing issues before your claims are submitted, effectively addressing and resolving denials to secure payment claims.

Fully Integrated Services

Experience the advantages of these services seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow, without the need for additional vendors or an increase in your staff’s paperwork.