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Scheduling and Payments

Task Management System



  • Upon Check-in, patients are automatically added to the Document and Bill Roster

  • Automated patient statements

  • Collect Patient Payments

  • Automatic Charge Entry

  • Automatic Superbills

  • Electronic Faxing

  • Workflow Automation

  • Create new patient accounts from the scheduling tab
  • Sign Queue
  • Patient Phone Number to Barcodes

Patient Care

  • Track Screening and assessment progress​
  • Customizable Care Plans​

Patient Experience 

  • Patient kiosks
  • Real-time Verification of Benefits
  • Fully Integrated with MyClinicMind Patient Portal

Better Reporting For Your Practice

See the most important metrics and KPIs for your practice in one place with customizable reports

A/R Reporting: See which accounts have an outstanding balance

Billing Stats: Allows you to find claims that need attention

No Future Appointments: See which patients have no future appointments scheduled and set tasks for your front desk staff to follow up with patients

Payer Allowed Amounts: Allows you to set an allowed amount by payer and it will flag claims that are being underpaid

Month-to-Date Expectations: Provides expected payments for the month

Check and Cash: Easier reconciliation

Action and Security Logs: View actions taken with timestamp and user data

Unsigned Notes: Accountability to complete documentation

Unbilled Visits: Easily see which visits do not have a claim associated with them

Visits Without Documentation: Accountability to complete documentation

We have hundreds more customizable reports and a team of dedicated professionals eager to help you create the best reports for your organization

  • Upon Check-in patients are automatically added to the Document and Bill Roster 
  • Auto generate claims upon signed notes (This can be turned off) 
  • Automate Claim Scrubbing to look for errors that could result in delay or denial with built-in AI technology
  • Automated patient statements 
  • Automatic patient balance payments
Lauren Monn
Lauren Monn
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Billing dynamix is an easy to use, extensive practice management service that I highly recommend. Jasper and the help team are very easy to work with and make training a smooth and understandable process. Would highly recommend to any practice looking to streamline their EHR system! - Billing Dynamix

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