Chiropractic Software and Practice Management Software on a computer and tablet.

Create a Guaranteed Positive ROI With ClinicMind With An Average 37% Increase in Revenue With Our Proprietary Software and Service


  • Front Office

    • Increase staff efficiency 50% by eliminating “work by reporting” when following up on no shows, inventory tracking, and patient scheduling efforts.
    • Automate CC payments through our premiere integrated 3rd party processors so all cash payments are automatically posted to patient accounts.
  • Clinical

    • Reduce initial exam time to under 5 minutes and daily note time to mere seconds via our revolutionary SuperNote system.
    • Upload/Review Imaging, Labs, and more in one place without having to close and reopen screens.
    • Our proprietary SuperNote system automates coding from your documentation eliminating a key compliance step in ensuring a match between notes and claims.
  • Back Office & Billing

    • Thanks to our proprietary SuperNote system, coding is reviewed rather than created from scratch. Simply confirm codes, units, modifiers, and claim details – then Submit!
    • Eliminate 50% of wasted billing time in A/R reports finding issues to fix – our AI technology automatically discovers issues and presents them to you on a single dynamic page.
    • Create and Save custom reports for reviewing billing statistics daily, weekly, monthly, and beyond.
  • Owners

    • Control staff access to software for compliance, financial, and security.
    • Easily see high level statistics as soon as you log in and make executive decisions faster without having to drill down.
    • Automatically assign tasks to key staff when stats need to be reviewed and processes changed/updated.
    • Access from anywhere you have an internet connection so you always have an eye on the practice.


  • Implementation & Training

    • Starting with your 60 minute KICK OFF call, our team handles account setup and sets the stage for an amazing teamwork experience.
    • Our staff then divides up and trains your staff by department, so no staff time is wasted.
    • Our goal is to get offices up and running in training days, not weeks or months, regardless of your practice size & scope.
  • Support

    • From day 1 you are shown how to get in touch and give us an idea of urgency regarding any questions or concerns you have.
    • Our team is available 24/7 for software related questions while our service team will reach out to schedule 1 on 1 calls at a time that is convenient for you and your staff.
    • Our proprietary task management system eliminates “lost through the cracks” experiences and keeps all topics/items addressed timely.
  • Expert Coding & Billing Consulting

    • Our staff of certified coding, compliance, and billing experts are on hand to review questions and give you sourced information regarding coding and billing.
    • Whether you have your own internal staff, or hire us to be your insurance division, our experts are here to help and serve you.
  • Credentialing

    • Our credentialing team works tirelessly to ensure that you are set up with your panels quickly and most important – correctly.
    • We eliminate common credentialing issues like: back-dating claim submissions, low fee schedules, and long wait times for approval from our payers.
  • Medical Billing Service

    • Our expert teams are scaled to meet your practice whether you have 1 or 100+ clinicians.
    • With an average A/R > 120 days of 2% or lower, we go after every dollar, no matter how small the claim.
    • Our teams are quality assured by 3 layers of quality control that are responsible for checking performance of your team throughout the weeks/months/years.
    • These teams report to our expert team of certified coders and billers who ensure that they are always at the highest level of training and performance.

What Our Clients Say

  • “I know exactly how many claims and how many dollars are my staff’s responsibility, at a glance – their team collects 99% of what’s out there for us – WHAT? This is awesome.”

    -DR. C, AK

  • “From the demo to Go Live, this family business has SCALE! Everything at Vericle is about return on my investment without all the ‘nickle and diming’ – how refreshing!”

    -DR. I, FL

  • “I’m literally saving thousands of dollars per month, my staff is more efficient, and my focus is on building the practice – not getting stuck inside it. Finally spending more time with patients and less on computers.”

    -DR. P, GA

  • “The Affinity team along with Vericle has allowed our facility with both in and out-patient care to grow faster than we ever dreamed. The absolute best!”

    -Todd A., MN

Get the Freedom to Devote More Time To Your Practice

The switch to a new software and service is simple, but never easy. Our goal is to work with you and your team to ensure a smooth transition, but most importantly, that we set ourselves up to create the highest possible ROI for your dream practice

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