ClinicMind External NewsLetter vol 3

ClinicMind introduces Live Chat for real-time client support, enhancing convenience and issue resolution. New features like Incoming Fax Queue, Roster Check-in, and image chart components improve document management and interactions. The patient portal has been rebranded as MyClinicMind. Social media’s role in healthcare engagement is emphasized. The Production Roadmap outlines upcoming features. Effective denial and appeal management are vital for private practices to optimize revenue. ClinicMind’s platform simplifies practice management and billing accuracy.

Monthly New Features Highlights – January 2023


Production servers now offer several new features. The Patient Messages Mailbox enhances patient communication and experiences. Automatic Document Publishing allows documents to be shared on the patient portal based on appointments. Patient phone numbers can be encoded as barcodes. Patient statements now offer the option to display the date of birth. XDocs Macro Management simplifies macro renaming and management. Flexnote has improved visibility for salted values and a new option for addendums.

Monthly New Features Highlights – December 2022

Clinicmind software screenshot

New features and optimizations have been rolled out on production servers. These include a Patient Responsibility Estimator for viewing patient costs, an update to the Billing Widget allowing users to set favorites for modifiers, Auto Check-out by Appointment Type, improved Schedule Alerts for patient balances, and enhancements in documentation tools like FlexNote and XDocs. Patient Portal optimizations and a new Appointment Type Summary Report are also part of this update.