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Battling Insurance Claim Turbulence

The insurance industry operates on the principle of shared risk, meaning that while everyone pays in, only a fraction of those people will actually take something out. The difference between what’s paid in and what’s paid out is known as the financial float.   Properly managing the financial float is key to an insurance company’s profits. […]

Questions to Ask Before Switching EHRs Part-2

Questions to Ask Before Switching EHRs Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems form the backbone of today’s healthcare clinics and practices. However, as some software providers move faster than others when it comes to accommodating rapidly evolving requirements, many providers find themselves with a tough decision to make. If you’re considering switching EHR systems, the thought […]

Facing Insurance Claim Adversity

What is Payor-Provider Adversity? Payor-provider adversity is rooted in the dreaded topic of insurance claims. While payors (i.e., insurance companies) are incentivized to minimize the claims they pay out and delay payment, providers (i.e., clinics) rely on timely claims processing. This puts the two parties on opposing ends of the problem, and technology for providers […]

These are the questions you should ask before switching EHRs

What is an EHR? If you have been in healthcare for any amount of time, or even visited a doctor, it is likely that you have used an EHR or had your data stored in one. Electronic health record (EHR) systems are digital systems that are designed to facilitate physician documentation and hold all of […]

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