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Taking Your Private Practice to the Next Level with a Website

Creating a website for your private practice is an essential element of building a digital presence that can help you cultivate relationships with existing patients and connect with new ones. However, simply publishing your site online isn’t enough. For your site to drive results, you need to check all these boxes.  Build Pages that Target […]

Promoting Your Private Practice with Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but you might be hesitant to use it to promote your private practice. In reality, all businesses can benefit from building a strong social presence — including yours. Here’s a closer look at how you can benefit from social media.  Cultivating Relationships The push for authenticity and personalized […]

Navigating Self-Employment Taxes and Other Tax Issues for Private Practices

Owning a private practice requires you to wear many hats, and that means managing your taxes and finances effectively. Even if you’re working with a tax advisor, understanding the tax implications of operating your practice will help you make wiser decisions throughout the year that can lessen the tax burden your business faces. Here’s what […]

Public Relations for Private Practices

More than ever before, consumers are paying close attention to how businesses operate. This means every interaction counts, with both staff and patients, to showcase your practice’s culture and values. However, offering satisfactory service isn’t necessarily enough on its own to maintain a good image. At a time when anyone can make their opinion heard […]

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