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Should I go into private practice?

Should I go into private practice? If you’re a medical professional discerning whether you should start a private practice, it’s certainly a weighty decision with a lot of important factors to consider. Maybe you’ve been working for someone else for some time and are wondering if going into business for yourself could be a better […]

Internal Vs External Billing

In-House Vs Full Service Billing Many medical professionals choose their professions because they want to help people, and with that kind of a motivator behind their career, many would also say they’d love to give their services away for free if they could somehow still make a living. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, […]

What to Consider When Setting Your Therapy Rates

Should I raise my rates for therapy? Perhaps the hardest question you’ll ever ask yourself while running a private therapy practice is, “What should I charge for my services?” If you were working for someone else, such as in a hospital, small clinic, or group practice, this would be taken care of for you, and […]

Xyr, Hir and They: When Using New Pronouns Feels Overwhelming

Written By: Laine Mohnkern, MSW, LICSW (she/they) Pronoun Evolution For as long as anyone has been using English, we have used pronouns found in the English language. For many people, over many years, this was done without much thought or consideration. In fact, people generally used far less consideration for pronouns than for whether there, […]

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