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What the CURES Act Means for EHI and Information Sharing

What is the CURES Act? The CURES Act was originally signed into law in 2016, containing provisions to streamline information sharing, as well as increase choice and access to information for both patients and their providers. There are provisions for the development and delivery of drugs and medical devices, accelerated research for serious illnesses, improved […]

The New 988 Mental Health Crisis Line

What is the 988 Crisis Lifeline? The 988 Hotline and Crisis Lifeline is a new emergency number that was recently released and made available to the public on July 1st, 2022. The 988 Hotline is designed as a suicide prevention network and connects and works with over 200+ crisis call centers to provide toll-free assistance, […]

Marketing your private practice makes smart business sense

The main component of a successful private practice are the patients it serves. When running a private practice, you need to make sure you have people coming in the door whether you are fresh out of school or seasoned professionals. Your private practice relies on your incoming patients to be able to be a successful […]

What are insurance panels?

How to Get Your Practice onto an Insurance Panel?  The United States has a healthcare system that couldn’t function without insurance. While many people, both patients and providers, would say that the design is flawed, it’s the way the system has been run and will continue to run for the foreseeable future. That means that […]

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