Credentialing in Medical Billing Systems

Credentialing in medical billing is crucial for ensuring patient safety and maintaining the quality of care provided by healthcare providers. This process involves verifying providers’ qualifications, competence, and eligibility, playing a vital role in effective revenue cycle management. In 2021, the Credential Management Solutions Market had a valuation of USD 833.45 Million. Projections indicate that […]

The Network Effect

People handle adversity differently; some break down sooner than others. When a team focused on a common goal faces adverse conditions, dissent among some team members precludes them from reaching a shared goal. Under extreme conditions, a mutiny isn’t just mission-critical—it can leave everybody dead. The famous explorer Ernest Shackleton, best remembered for his Antarctic […]

Are You Someone’s Hero?

In the last chapter we talked about hunger and the drive that must exist between all members of a patient community, including the patients themselves, but what about the patient’s need for a mentor? Remember in previous chapters we talked about how Joseph and Bonnie’s dispositions not only affected their ability to treat effectively but […]

Are You Hungry?

Great, now Reuven wants to know if I’m hungry. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about hunger pains or anything like that. I’m talking about drive, the hunger to stop at nothing to succeed. But I’m also not talking about it in the most general sense. In other words, we’re not talking about all those Youtube […]