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Marketing your private practice makes smart business sense

The main component of a successful private practice are the patients it serves. When running a private practice, you need to make sure you have people coming in the door whether you are fresh out of school or seasoned professionals. Your private practice relies on your incoming patients to be able to be a successful […]

What are insurance panels?

How to Get Your Practice onto an Insurance Panel?  The United States has a healthcare system that couldn’t function without insurance. While many people, both patients and providers, would say that the design is flawed, it’s the way the system has been run and will continue to run for the foreseeable future. That means that […]

Should I go into private practice?

Should I go into private practice? If you’re a medical professional discerning whether you should start a private practice, it’s certainly a weighty decision with a lot of important factors to consider. Maybe you’ve been working for someone else for some time and are wondering if going into business for yourself could be a better […]

Internal Vs External Billing

In-House Vs Full Service Billing Many medical professionals choose their professions because they want to help people, and with that kind of a motivator behind their career, many would also say they’d love to give their services away for free if they could somehow still make a living. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, […]

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