Patient Loyalty

Patient loyalty is a key to continued practice success in terms of both recurring and new revenue. Patient loyalty and profitability are crucial for the success of healthcare organizations. Building patient loyalty must be part of the standard patient care program because loyal patients show better and quicker outcomes. As patients return to your practice, […]

Has the Provider’s Compensation Kept Up With the Economy or Healthcare Costs?

Healthcare spending continues to rise at the fastest rate in our history.  The US 2021 healthcare spending was $12,318 per capita, and the following infographic shows that the US spent twice more on healthcare compared to most other advanced economies: Figure 1.  US spent twice on healthcare in 2021 as compared to the average of […]

FinTech Platforms to Manage Healthcare Networks Acquisition Risks

Summary Mergers and acquisitions can be effective tools for hospitals to improve access, quality, and efficiency of care. By partnering with other healthcare organizations, hospitals can expand their service offerings, access a wider network of specialists, and better serve their patients. Additionally, consolidating allows health systems to achieve economies of scale that can help reduce […]

ClinicMind External NewsLetter vol 3

ClinicMind Unveils Live Chat System! We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature at ClinicMind that will revolutionize client support: Live Chat! Our dedicated team is committed to providing prompt assistance, and Live Chat offers a real-time and convenient way for clients to address queries, and concerns, or seek guidance. Here are some potential […]