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Our mission is to help transform you from clinician to healthcare paragon. We create cornerstones in the healthcare profession by helping you spend more of your time working ON your practice instead of IN your practice.

  • Cashflow Predictability
  • Fully Transparent Practice Stats
  • Complete Workflow Control
  • Compliance

The ClinicMind Difference is workflow consistency and scalability.

We share the same processes and technology platform across all our clients and the entire ClinicMind staff. Through the shared platform, ClinicMind team becomes a virtual and scalable extension of your practice. It boosts your staff’s productivity and gives you powerful control over your practice workflow and office productivity.

The ClinicMind Difference is Our 4 Step Process
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Optimization
  • Autonomy
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Our Core Values



We go above and beyond in solving our client’s problems by spending the time necessary to really understand your business and practice workflow needs, by addressing all aspects, including people, process, and software.


Teamwork is the
Foundation of Success.

We take teamwork to new heights by providing a window for complete transparency and accountability. We track our backlogs and we make them available for every user of our system to see.

We learn from
our Clients.

The shared knowledge base acts like a shared immune system among all of our providers against the payers. We solicit feedback, learn, and improve our skills, our processes, and our business technology.

The Family You Trust

Our family business is dedicated to your success. Meet the management team behind hundreds who work tirelessly to deliver only the best in Technology and Service.


President & CEO
The inventor of seventeen patents in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security, and Medical Practice Management. Author of three books and over fifty magazine articles about using knowledge-based systems in healthcare and financial services.


Co-Founder & CTO
Erez has been the CTO of Vericle Corporation and a partner in several billing service companies for over 20 years. He was awarded 5 patents in electronic healthcare record processing, billing software user interfaces, and computer security.


Chief Growth Officer
As we continue to grow and expand so quickly, it is my job to ensure that each and every partnership, affiliate, client, and enterprise solution is clearly understood and executed. I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel a great deal to learn and speak at events around the country.


Chief Medical Officer

As a practicing surgeon, Roy Lirov, MD, has focused his life on patient care and maximizing positive patient outcomes. In joining the ClinicMind team, he is responsible for ensuring that our technology and services are all geared directly towards what matters most: maximizing patient time for clinicians.


Chief Operations Officer
As a medical service business owner, it was an easy transition to a medical software company more than 12 years ago. The synergy of medical billing expertise with the software talent and automation, allows us to help our clients to grow their practices and achieve their business goals.

What Can Our Family Do To Serve Yours?

It is our pleasure to learn about your practice and how our teamwork can create a scalable and long term “peace of mind” solution for all of your needs. To Your Success!

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